It’s Men’s Fashion Week in London right now. Victoria and David Beckham were at an event together on Sunday. She posted photos on her Instagram. 


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He, by the way, did not. Even though they were forced to deny through their publicists a few days ago that they were divorcing. So it’s on her to update the public on the status of their relationship via her social channels. His social channels are dedicated to the sh-t that he wants to promote. Is that a sign of…something? 

The Sun’s Dan Wootton reported late last night on the status of the Beckhams’ marriage. In short, while the marriage is not “straightforward”, they are committed to making it work. But that only comes near the very end of the piece, at the bottom of the article. And it’s a paragraph that’s tucked between photos, easily missed: 


What comes before that is a lot of detail, quite specific, about Victoria and David’s separate lives. He’s been spending a lot of time in Miami working on his MLS team and she almost never joins him. Because she’s not all that fond of his friends. When he’s not working, he’s out at the pub, hanging with his boys, the life of the party. She, meanwhile, prefers quiet nights at home. She maintains a disciplined lifestyle and schedule. She spends a lot of time with their children and she’s working on her business. That’s my read of it, at least. The way the report is meant to be read, however, is that Victoria is a f-cking buzzkill, getting in the way of all of David’s fun. (So basically he’s Justin Theroux now.) And, supposedly, he’s taking issue with the fact that she shares too much of their children on social media which makes him uncomfortable. Oh and I especially appreciate the detail about her “struggling” business and how he makes so much more money than she does because he’s better at running his business than she is at hers and that’s why he has to bail her out financially all the time. But there’s more – he doesn’t actually mind bailing her out because when she’s busy working on her fashion line, she leaves him alone. 

And all this is supposed to make him like a protective, caring father and her look like a miserable hag. Sure. Noted. 

Maybe she’s the one posting pictures of the kids on IG all the time because SHE’s actually the one who’s with them all the time. Because you know, for her, and most women, the generosity doesn’t get extended in the same ways. David’s off around the world, managing his sh-t wherever he is and nobody’s criticising him for not being there for his children. She too travels a lot for her label. With her travel schedule, if she wasn’t showing people the times she’s with her kids, especially the ones who are still little, like Cruz and H7, we wouldn’t be talking about her pimping them out on social, we’d be saying she’s a sh-tty mother because she’s “too ambitious”. She can never win. She’s never been able to win. When he cheated on her all those years ago, half the conversation was about how she was too insecure, too narcissistic, too self-conscious to keep him happy. Have we ever considered that HE’s too selfish to keep HER happy? 

Also, if we’re going there about his business and how successful it is, let’s fully go there and unpack the evolution of his brand. He was a very good young athlete playing England’s most popular sport, a religion over there….but not exactly a global name. Nobody outside of the UK who doesn’t pay attention to soccer knew who the f-ck he was until he started dating a global name. That would be Posh Spice. That’s how David Beckham went from the equivalent of a North American small town farmboy to become a proper celebrity – because of HER. If soccer was the only reason? You would know the name Harry Kane. Harry Kane is a young, tall, blonde English soccer star, one of the top 3 players in the English Premier League, who plays for Tottenham Hotspur. He’s actually putting up similar if not arguably better numbers at this point in his career than David Beckham was when he was Harry’s age (yes, they play[ed] different positions). But Harry Kane isn’t in love with a Spice Girl. Becks accompanied Posh Spice on red carpets. With her he showed up in all manner of crazy ass tacky outfits. Because of her, he was able to experiment with fashion, with style. Because of her, he was able to indulge in his vanity. Because of her, he was allowed to be vain – not usually a quality accepted in a man – since she was the one who assumed all the “blame” for it. 

Because of her, he had the opportunity to showcase the parts of himself beyond the field. And those are the parts that have turned him into a global ambassador for a proper lifestyle. Those parts, combined with her fame, are what turned them, together, into an instantly recognisable brand worldwide, beyond the UK, beyond soccer – the brand Beckham. So are we sure we want to say that HE gave her HIS money to help her business? You don’t think she had something to do with that money? 

That there are people who would buy in that bullsh-t is not surprising. What would be disappointing is if he were buying into it too. Every few years, whenever people are waiting around for them to break up, she’s always the one putting up a happy front to protect what they built while he remains silent. So what are we actually faulting her for here? Trying too hard? Caring too much? Forgiving too much? Not smiling enough? She’s also the one who keeps doing him the favours, non?

Attached: Victoria leaving a restaurant and David at a London Fashion Week event on June 11, 2018 in London, England.