There is no celebrity couple I worry about more than the Beckhams. I would be crushed if they split and not because I think they are #couplesgoals (I’m a grown woman), but because I really think they’ve endured together, personally and professionally. Football, the Spice Girls, her chav stage, his infidelity, their move to LA, his retirement from professional sports, her rebirth as a fashion designer, and of course four children. They’ve done it.

The Beckhams have recently been in LA for school break, visiting with friends, eating sushi, going on a date night and enjoying the California weather. Idyllic, happy family. So why did this recent Daily Mail article, about all the British society girls David hangs out with, have such a tone?

Lady Mary Charteris is a London socialite with a growing profile. (She’s already had a feud with Kate Moss over Jamie Hince – Kate reportedly pushed her into a pool in 2013. Classic Kate.) The article doesn’t outright allege anything but there is an implication that this growing friendship isn’t good for the Beckhams marriage. David reportedly met Lady Charteris at Glastonbury through his friend David Gardner (a partier whom Victoria, according to this piece, doesn’t trust). There’s no smoking gun here, just that their friendship is growing (they hung out at Chiltern Firehouse), he’s bored while Victoria is busy with work and he loves the party crowd that comes with David Gardner and Guy Ritchie’s friendship.

Together, those small details – boredom, bad influences, an available socialite who may have had a hand in breaking up another high profile marriage – have a worrying tone. When asked to comment, his rep denied it. Which means that he’s fully aware of the rumours now. David and Victoria have been famous for so long (and really famous in the UK) so if he wants to quash this, he will take care not to be seen anywhere near Lady Charteris or her ilk. (If he chooses to validate their friendliness in public now, after knowing the Daily Mail is implying things, we are in serious trouble.)

Of course this could all be grasping at straws. Maybe he met her a few times and isn’t bored at all (he is a very involved father, does philanthropic work and still has endorsements to manage). He also called Victoria a scarecrow on Instagram stories (they were at the pumpkin patch). You don’t tease your wife if she is super pissed at you over another woman, right? And they cohosted a party for Ken Paves last night in Hollywood.

See, I’m not worried. (I am.) Because 2017 isn’t doing us any favours.