Here’s David Beckham arriving in Barcelona with his best friend Dave Gardner. Dave’s the guy who, allegedly, Victoria isn’t fond of. Because he and David party too much, or something. And ….that’s supposed to make her look like a nagging bitch of a wife, miserable c-nt who just won’t let her man live. 

At least that was one of the stories this summer when all those divorce rumours were being circulated. The story lately re: David, however, has been about his hair. The British tabloids have been making headlines about how it’s thicker and darker. Today the Daily Mail suggested that it might be a “hair transplant” with before and after pictures. He wouldn’t be the first man with hair insecurities. See also John Travolta who has tried, over the years, some truly innovative hair techniques to make up for whatever his personal hair issues are. I think though, lately, he’s really landed on a winner. This is pretty good, non? 


According to certain studies, hair loss is often the #1 concern among men and can lead to anxiety and sometimes depression. They report feeling less attractive, less powerful, less relevant. Oh, right, just like women do when they age. Across all industries. Amazing then how the empathy isn’t there, why women continue to have fewer opportunities for advancement as they get older. I certainly have empathy for David, if in fact this is what’s happened and what he’s done with his hair. He’s entitled to do whatever he wants with his hair. Note though that when Victoria is obsessed with her looks, it’s always used against her as a reason that it might be unbearable to stay married to her and when he’s obsessed with his looks – just as obsessed – no one is out here talking about how she’s sick of it? Because in this regard, they are perfect for each other, they really are.