Five years ago, around this time, Victoria and David Beckham were making headlines because people were rumouring that a divorce was imminent. It was actually a good example of how social media creates gossip nothingburgers because the speculation originated online and then it got picked up by the British tabloids. You know what the catalyst was though? Photo Assumption. Victoria and David showed up at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding and she wasn’t smiling and that turned into, literally, a whole summer of divorce watch with alleged reporters on Twitter breathlessly reporting that an announcement would be coming the next day, and then the next day, and then the next day. 


Needless to say, an announcement never materialised and the Beckhams actually showed up on the cover of British Vogue and that’s when, finally, all the noise was shut down. At least temporarily because Beckham divorce watch is seasonal. Because no one thinks they’ll make it. 

How long do people have to be together for to qualify as “making it”? There have been doubts about their longevity from the moment they started dating. For those who continue to insist that “they won’t last”, does your prediction count when you made it two decades ago? Like, no matter what happens going forward, haven’t they already… lasted?! 

Next week Victoria and David celebrate their 24th wedding anniversary. They’ve now been together for 26 years, since they dated for two years before they got married. That’s a quarter of a century, and four children, and all the ups and downs and drama and betrayals and the scrutiny that comes with fame. We can root for this now, can’t we?! 


Here they are in Paris today heading to the Jacquemus show.