It’s been a while since Victoria and David Beckham walked a red carpet together. That was just one of the reasons the rumours started up about their marriage at the beginning of the summer. As you know, and as Maria wrote earlier this week, they’ve done the most to shut down the speculation since then. The entire summer has been a family holiday. So all those reports about an imminent split have been quelled…for now. WHY did I have to stick that “for now” onto the end of that sentence?! Well, they’re celebrities. And with famous love, haven’t we learned that there’s always a “for now”? Also, it’s THEM. And, you know.

For now though, it’s OK, Beckham worriers. They have been together and were together last night in Monaco for the UEFA Champions League draw where he was presented with the UEFA President’s Award. So now you can relax for the long weekend. And more. 

Because Victoria will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of her label with a special show at London Fashion Week on September 16 and, given the milestone, her family will want to be there to support her. All the kids in the front row, with David, and probably their parents. And of course there’s that much-talked-about British Vogue cover, also with the children, and supposedly David is part of it too. More relief is on the way then. Or at least more to analyse. Like if he’s not her biggest cheerleader that day…what will we do then? I’ll tell you what I’ll do: drag his ass for his lack of appreciation. For what she has endured for the sake of their brand. While he sits back and lets all this bullsh-t about her being a miserable bitch be the narrative. The least he could do is show up and put on a goddamn smile. Why am I pre-mad at him already?!