Before I even clicked on this headline, I knew what I was going to read. I knew how it would play out and how the source would be positioned. It’s so artless.

“Someone” went to US Weekly to cry about Demi Lovato’s breakup behaviour, saying she is acting like she was never engaged. We will get into to that in a minute. 


That same person said Max Ehrich, her former fiancé, is in “shambles” and trying to focus on God and Jesus and work. This is not my interpretation of the quote, this is what the source said: “It’s been so hard for him because he’s in Atlanta and trying his best to focus on his film [Southern Gospel], God and Jesus.”

They managed to slip in a reference to his movie, which seems to happen every time the breakup is mentioned. How fortuitous for Max. 

Meanwhile, “Demi has been acting as though she was never engaged to Max and that their relationship never happened,” a source exclusively tells Us Weekly. “She is still not speaking to him and fully cut him out.”


After a short courtship and engagement (they met sometime in March and broke up at the very beginning of October) Demi is moving on with her life. How. Dare. She. Shouldn’t she be wearing all black (veil included) and mourning this lost love? How can she continue to work and have friends and post hot selfies of herself? A man is upset! This should take precedence over, you know, everything!

What does “acting like she was never engaged” even mean? She’s not engaged anymore. There is no handbook for how a formerly engaged person needs to act. Demi and Max fell fast and hard in quarantine and when they got out, the haze lifted and she saw that he might be a little shady and ended it. Now she’s supposed to act like it’s some life-altering experience when maybe it’s no big thing. (Or maybe it is and she’s choosing, unlike some people, to keep it private.)

This brings me back to the Max tweets about Selena Gomez; I felt for him at the time because who hasn’t thirsted over a celebrity. But it’s not about those tweets anymore. Since the breakup he has shown, over and over, who he is. Demi had an inkling about what he was about and she turned out to be right. If anything, this will be a life lesson she will carry with her. 

In the words of her friend Ariana Grande, “Thank you, next.”