Outfits? Or just the singular OUTFIT. Without the “s”? Diana Ross was joined by several of her family members at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade yesterday, including Tracee Ellis Ross, Evan Ross, and Ashlee Simpson. So they’re all in different outfits. But they’re also all in all-white outfits, making a collective one outfit team statement. 

And it’s a glorious look. 

Such a good look. 

More people should consider doing this at their weddings. F-ck the peach bridesmaid dresses. You know how good a wedding party looks in all-white? Or all black? In this case, it’s winter white – crisp and fresh and sharp and I love it so much. 

I’ve been scrolling past headlines this week about the Kardashians skipping their annual family Christmas card tradition I can’t remember why. Do you need it though? Do you need them when you have Diana Ross and Family dressed in white, hanging out in Central Park?