Are clocks magic? Is time magic? No. It’s just math. For some, though, me included, math is like magic. I’m not actually bad at math. I’m just bad at remembering math – there is nothing mathematical that I can retain unless it’s gambling related. As soon as there’s math involved in a card game or a dice game or any game played in a casino, suddenly I’m a mathlete. Anyway, here’s a thing about clocks that is changing people’s lives. And since I haven’t namechecked BTS in days, this is a good time for me to say that they have a song called “Zero O’Clock” that I really like because Jimin’s voice sounds amazing on it. (Dlisted) 


Speaking of time, Diana Ross is timeless. It’s impossible to date photos of her unless they’re in black and white and even then, it’s not easy. This shot of her could be from 2019 or 2009 or 1999 or 1989. And if you didn’t already know when it was taken, you would have no idea. (Go Fug Yourself) 

I cry all the time now and I’ve never been a crier but there is so much pain and sadness, like many of you, it’s been overwhelming. But if you need something not sh-tty to cry over, here it is. I mean you’ll be a little mad too, at the cops, and still, it won’t spoil the heart of the story. Which is that Rahul Dubey opened up his home to protestors. He pulled up. And he would do it again (Cele|bitchy) 

Trigger warning: This is… BREATHTAKINGLY horrific. Two radio hosts were fired because they were trying to get cute with racist language. And if this is hard to hear for you and you’re not a Black person, imagine how painful it is for Black people. It doesn’t just sting. It cuts deep. So the only way to react here is with rage. And then question how these two assholes have been able to move around in the world unchecked. They are our neighbours, they are our family, they are part of our communities, they reflect us, whether we want to admit it or not. And if we did a better job of calling this out and not enabling it, since these two have a history of offensive behaviour, this would not have happened. (TMZ) 

Many of us are still in lockdown, working from home, and we’ve all been looking for books to read, shows to watch, things to bake. How about racism education? Seems like there’s time, right? Let’s wait out the pandemic, if you’re not an essential worker, by reading and watching content that can help us be better allies. Here’s a comprehensive list. (The Mary Sue)