I forgot Norman Reedus and Diane Kruger are a thing. They’ve been together for a couple of years now, but they generally keep a low profile, so they just kind of slipped out of my celebrity-couple brain space. (Which is mostly occupied by Zendalland , anyway.) And they have a baby! I think I knew Kruger was pregnant at one point, but that got deleted from brain because the only part of celebrity baby news I really care about is the name and while Baby Kruger-Reedus has arrived, there is no name yet.

The Daily Mail has photos of Kruger and Reedus out for a walk with their stroller. I assume the baby is inside, but I don’t know. Maybe some people just like pushing strollers and looking like they have a kid, I don’t know your life. Anyway, what do we think this baby’s name is? Duana and I were just emailing about the trials of young Abcde, and some of the names I hear in my kid-laden neighborhood—I hear a lot of yupster names. I doubt this baby has a yupster name, though. Reedus has a son named Mingus, so that’s at least half of what we’re dealing with. Like what’s the formula for this name? German + motorcycle hippie/first kid x second kid? We need a full Duana breakdown of the Kruger-Reedus baby naming formula because this is not going to be another Jack or Lily.