I refuse to call them “Zomdaya”. Sorry Kathleen, but “Zomdaya” sounds like some sad wasting disease tragic heroines die of in 19th century Russian novels. Poor little Dasha, that scoundrel Alexei abandoned her for the wicked Countess Kharlamova, and now she’s withering away with Zomdaya. So I will continue to refer to Tom Holland and Zendaya as Zendalland, the fun portmanteau that also sounds like it could be a theme park. Their “are-they-or-aren’t-they” relationship is a roller coaster of emotion—mainly for Kathleen—so it fits.

Zendalland is still in Italy working on Spider-Man: Far From Home (forever disappointed it’s not called Spider-Man: Prom). They’ve been out sightseeing, bringing along a group for plausible deniability if anyone assumes this is a date, and also working. It low key cracks me up that there is no difference between Tom Holland dressing himself and Tom Holland in costume as Peter Parker. Also, there is a whole cult of celebrity building around Timothee Chalamet’s hair—and he does have GREAT hair—but do we pay enough attention to how great Tom Holland’s hair is? It’s pretty f*ckin’ fabulous. Anyway, these two kids remain extremely good looking and I hope they really are together and also I look forward to this Spider-Man movie which seems to be about Peter Parker on a school trip to Europe which, I would watch that if it was just a teen comedy and not even a superhero movie.