December at the movies is a mix of blockbusters and awards season entries. Some of the more high profile titles this holiday season are Beyoncé’s Renaissance, Wonka, Aquaman, and The Color Purple. 


And then there’s Anyone But You, starring Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell, a rom-com. This is counter-programming and I’m curious to see if it’ll work. Like I’m not sure if, based on their names alone, it’s a slamdunk. But at the same time… at the holidays, a lot of people just want something light and fluffy, and if the movie is good, and generates positive word of mouth, it could be one of those releases that meets the mood of the audience that time of year. 

On top of that, of course, there are all the rumours about Sydney and Glen that started when the two were filming. Since then there’s been zero indication that there’s anything going on between them, but it obviously wouldn’t hurt the movie’s marketing if all that kicks up again closer to the release. If the strike is happening, though, as we get closer and closer, that’ll mean they won’t be able to flirt on every red carpet to sell their project. 


Anyway, a teaser for Anyone But You just dropped today. I could not click play fast enough. 



Maybe I was just too jacked up for it? Because I’m not sure I’m feeling it from this preview. Yes, they look great together. Yes, I understand what they were trying to do with the music. The music is meant to dial up the sensual energy, the tension, the undeniable attraction to someone you find intolerable. It’s a low light kind of sound, right? Like shadows and mood? Sensuality and seduction? But then the visuals to go with the audio are… so bright! Big blue sky and the sun dappling off the ocean – it’s a disconnect for me, between what I’m hearing in the trailer and what I’m seeing in the trailer, it’s not hitting. And believe me, I wanted it to hit, badly. I love a rom-com, I’ve been looking forward to this rom-com, I just think maybe the way they cut this first look wasn’t the best work. 

Which isn’t to say that I won’t be there, probably on the first, with my ticket in hand because obviously I’m watching the sh-t out of this movie. But my point is they’re not really bringing it with this trailer.