Dr Oz will not be a politician. So now, apparently, he wants to go back into television and sell bullsh-t products to people? If he can get someone to actually broadcast it. Like is anyone sitting around hoping for Dr Oz to get a new show? (Dlisted)


This is indeed a really, really great outfit on Ellie Goulding and maybe one of the few times I’ve paid attention to Ellie’s fashion. I’m just not familiar with her style signature but this long coat/cape situation with her dark hair is excellent energy. She looks regal but also kinda sinister – I’m into it. (Go Fug Yourself) 

I got my COVID booster and my flu shot yesterday so I’ve been kinda foggy all day, and this is the correct physiological response so my immune system is being protected but even without my vaccinations I still don’t understand Elf on the Shelf. (Cele|bitchy) 

I don’t love what they’ve done with this Megan Thee Stallion cover – she’s the first Black woman to cover the Forbes 30 Under 30 list but the positioning of this shot is weird. Like the logo at the top is covering her hair and I don’t know if they could have just shifted her face lower or zoomed out more altogether? (OMG Blog) 

One of my top reads of the week – Teen Vogue on how anti-trans articles miss the point of gender-affirming care. (Teen Vogue)