Social media is exploding right now because Drake and Camila Cabello are both in Turks & Caicos and now everyone is wondering if they might be a thing. 


According to the internet, Drake started following Camila after she posted this on Instagram:


An invitation to the person who wrote those words, right? Drake obviously noticed and now they’re on holiday together. Not alone, because both their respective entourages are there on the trip too (Drake’s actually been there with OVO for at least two weeks) but spending time together quite publicly because civilians have been capturing footage on their phones. 


So, as we wind down 2023, a new random celebrity pairing – Drake and Camila, not what anyone would have predicted… but maybe Camila manifested it for herself. She called out for a “Search and Rescue” and he actually heard her SOS. It’s their version of Travis Kelce putting it out there on his podcast trying to get Taylor Swift’s attention. This is Drake and Camila’s storybook romance, lol.

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