The last time I posted about Drake, he was with Michael B Jordan at a high school basketball game. Not just any high school but Sierra Canyon, where LeBron James’s son, Bronny, plays with Amari Bailey, a top prospect. In that post, I mentioned the jokes that were happening on social media about why Drake might be interested in the game, beyond basketball. He was sitting next to Amari’s mother, Johanna Leia. And…this is why Drake is currently trending on Twitter: 


As the kids say, I am dead. 

First of all, when it’s Drake, it always has to be renting out a giant ass place – an aquarium, an arena, a stadium. Dodgers Stadium, for dinner. Look at that setup, with the bartender at a separate serving station and another white table adorned with flower arrangements for their romantic meal. I appreciate the effort to make Johanna feel special. But where do you go from here? If the next dinner is at a high end restaurant, but like just at a high end restaurant, is that a step down? Or is that the charming equivalent of showing up in a pick-up truck with freshly picked flowers, like Madonna’s “Material Girl” video? 

Anyway, suffice to say, Drake is trying to impress. So if the formula is effort corresponding to level of interest, can we say he’s VERY interested? Is Johanna about to become the First Lady of OVO?