You’re looking at these shots of 2021 BFFs Drake and Michael B Jordan courtside at a basketball game and I think most of us might assume they’re watching professional players, right? Drake and MBJ were actually at a high school basketball game. I mean, the two high schoolers they were there for are pretty high profile students. But still, for the rest of the student body…can you imagine? 


The reason why Drake and MBJ were there to watch the Sierra Canyon varsity basketball team play is because Bronny James, son of LeBron, and Amari Bailey are part of the team. Amari is a highly ranked junior player headed to UCLA and expected to one day play in the NBA. So these are future stars. But again, this is a high school game. So it must have been a trip for the other kids, the other players, and coaches, everyone in the bleachers, to have all these superstars there. This tweet sums it up – this is from a game last week that Drake also showed up for: 


Is it something you remember with fondness? Hey, how about that time I got dunked on in front of one of the greatest ballers of all time and the Six God, one of the greatest rappers of all time?! 


Anyway, Drake must find the high school basketball watching experience extremely entertaining because he keeps going back and bringing new people with him. And he apparently he behaves at the high school games just like he does at the pro games, LOL, by taking it to the refs now and again. 


I can’t. I’m dead. Look at him. He’s bringing the same energy to that argument as he would in game seven of the NBA Finals. What do you think LeBron is thinking in that moment? Do you think he’s like, I don’t know this man? Or do you think he’s into it too? 


Anyway, to go back to Drake and his intense interest in his friend’s son’s basketball team’s performance, of course because it’s Drake, there are now jokes online about whether or not he has another reason to be so engaged: Amari Bailey’s mother, Johanna Leia, is very attractive. You can check out her Instagram here. They sat next to each other at the game. Which obviously did not go unnoticed. 

I care less about Drake’s motivations and more about what I keep going back to – why didn’t this happen at any of my high school sporting events?!