There are still people who manage to avoid knowing sports scores all day and watch back the recording when they get home after work. This fascinates me. Because…HOW? How do you make sure you’re not spoiled? How do you make sure you don’t inadvertently overhear a conversation at the coffee shop behind two people who are monitoring the live scoreboard on their phones? This is how I track it when I’m not near a television. When Serena Williams is playing I’m usually in rehearsal at The Social and I have my phone on me and I’m looking down at each point. Fifteen love. Thirty love. Thirty fifteen. And on and on. I got busted for it last week. And I still did it yesterday. Serena is worth getting fired for, right? 

Anyway, the point is, if you’re waiting to find out, you may want to stop reading. Go now. 

Thank you to those of you who yelled at me on Twitter and over email when Serena dropped the first set today. “GO THE F-CK TO WORK” was my favourite. Remember what she told us though, remember what makes her great – because she’s used to her opponents taking their games to the next level and in response she takes her own game to the next level. 

So now we have 48 hours of peace before she plays again. The STRESS, though, during her matches. It’s too f-cking much. 

Royal Meghan, you’ll note, was not there today because she was with the family at the RAF centenary and is now in Ireland so we’ve yet to see her make an appearance in support of her friend at Wimbledon. Another one of Serena’s friends was there though – Drake showed up after performing at Wireless Fest this weekend just as Scorpion is taking down all kinds of records. He broke a Beatles record yesterday and he broke the record for streams in a week with over a billion.

And, of course, because he’s Drake, and no artist comes close to Drake where memes are concerned, even though the album should have just been called Instagram Stress because all he did was complain about Instagram exhaustion, he’s inspired the social media challenge of 2018, the “In My Feelings” challenge. Have you seen this yet? Here’s the original: 


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Now you can’t get away from it on social. 

The most perfect version is Ciara’s with Russell Wilson: 


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Kevin Hart was a mess:


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This will go on for another day or so. And then you know what’s going to happen? They’ll start doing it on morning shows and during the weather. That’s when you know it’s the end. When loser ass talk show hosts like me will have to do it just to further bury it into the ground.