Dear Gossips,

Drake was one of the headliners this weekend at Rock in Rio and apparently it was a mess. Rock in Rio is usually livestreamed in Brasil but without much notice, Drake decided not to livestream his performance, explaining on Twitter that:

Brasilian fans dragged him for it. And his explanation has been disputed by those involved in the production, including this dude:

Basically he’s calling Drake a liar, saying that Drake pulled the livestream well before it started raining and that it was because he had a suck attack over the lighting and the stage. 


There are also reports that he was a dick to hotel staff and other local employees, refusing to eat the food at the resort and brought his own food and water and personal chef, even at the hotel restaurant, where he only consumed the potato that the chef fried up for him. 

Now I have some questions. You know how, when you travel internationally, you’re not supposed to bring produce from home into another country? Potatoes are especially controversial. A lot of fruits and vegetables shouldn’t cross borders. How many of Drake’s potatoes were crossing the border? Is this some kind of bonus, that he can travel anywhere with his own fresh fruit and vegetable stand? Or were special arrangements made for him ahead of time so that he could import his produce aisle into the country? Is that the new trend in celebrity travel? Is Air Drake also a grocery store? 

Yours in gossip,