There is no other celebrity who can manipulate social media as well as Drake. Drake’s superpower is social media. He makes himself available to be memed. He knows what will get him trending. When he plays video games he goes viral. And even when it’s not his intention to go viral, like in the case of the "In My Feelings" challenge, he sets it up so that the possibility is there because the lyrics itself became a thing: who is Kiki? 

Now there’s an official Drake dance for isolation – he just dropped a new song, “Toosie Slide”, and it’s obvious that it’s specifically for TikTok. As you probably know, during lockdown, a lot of people are spending a lot of time learning dances on TikTok, which must be such a bummer for teens; the adults have now officially invaded their space. 

Anyway, this was work for Drake, the composing of the song, deliberately envisioning that it would be a dance, and then reaching out to dancers Toosie, Hiii Key, and Ayo & Teo to visualise the moves which they then demo-ed on social media a few days ago: 

Now Drake’s doing the choreo in the video: 


The “Toosie Slide” is pretty simple – and Drake’s dances typically are. "Hotline Bling", for example, wasn’t BTS levels of complication. That’s because I’m not sure Drake’s all that nimble but also, and this goes back to his fame intelligence, it’s for accessibility. He tells you right there in the song: 

“Ima show you how to get it”

And then, beyond the dance, there’s everything he’s showing (off) in the video. Shot in his Toronto mansion, Drake’s giving you views of all his watches, then he honours Kobe, and then all his trophies on display. And the flex keeps going and going and going – the pool, the kitchen, the mirrors, the outdoor space… before ending on…

A remote control switch to set off fireworks as the camera pulls away to an aerial of his property as the explosions continue to light up his own personal airspace over the house. But he’s hosting you – as he Toosie Slides – the whole time. This is a guided tour. For the boast, obviously, but also, as Duana wrote back to me when I sent her this story this morning: 

“He's so good at being *inclusive*. Every time - specifically every video - he's welcoming you in to a world so you don't feel like an outsider. It's brilliant.”

Right foot up, left foot slide
Left foot up, right foot slide 

Is that your jam for the weekend? 

Or….Frank Ocean? 

Two new songs! 

“Dear April” and “Cayendo” dropped last night just when we all needed it. I have held myself back from hitting both so far because I’m saving for tonight. Frank is here to make the night less scary.