As mentioned in today’s open, Travis Scott’s new album, Utopia, includes features with over a dozen other high-profile artists. Beyoncé obviously is the biggest get but the biggest gossip, so far, coming out of the collaborations is, not surprisingly, because of La Flame’s new song with Drake called “Meltdown”.  


This is what Drake does whether or not he admits to it – he attracts drama, he creates drama, and he thrives in drama. He would have known that his verse on “Meltdown” would go viral immediately, especially since he’s revisiting his old beef with Pusha T. It was the beef of the summer in 2018 when Drake and Pusha were exchanging diss tracks that resulted in Pusha breaking the news that Drake had a secret son. That sh-t went on for months.  

Now, five years later, Drake is going back into his beef archives and this time with an update, because he’s dragging Pharrell into this mess. It’s these lyrics in particular:  

“Man, f-ck all that spinnin' the narrative sh-t

I melt down the chains that I bought from yo' boss

Give a f-ck about all of that heritage sh-t

Since V not around, the members done hung up the Louis, they not even wearing that sh-t”


Pharrell and Pusha T have been working together forever, and are both from Virginia Beach. “V” of course refers to the late Virgil Abloh and Pharrell took over from him as the menswear creative director for LV. It’s not known yet why Drake is suddenly aiming at Pharrell but these lines are almost more about Pharrell than they are about Pusha. These are the “chains” Drake is referring to in the song (flip through the carousel):  


Drake reportedly bought the pieces at auction last year for over $2 million. And now he’s suggesting that he might have melted them down. Which, of course, is the most obnoxious dick swing (is that redundant?) – to buy one of hip-hop’s most iconic accessories only to liquify the jewels. I don’t know that I believe him but the bigger question is… why is Pharrell catching strays?!



I wonder now if there’s going to be a video for this. And if so… if he actually does the melting down on camera.