Dua Lipa showed up to the premiere and the afterparty for Masters of the Air on Wednesday night in LA and since she’s not in the show, it was assumed that she was there to support someone or someones. One of those people, it turns out, is Callum Turner. 


TMZ posted video of Dua from a crack through the back door of the party where she could be seen wrapped around an unknown man who was later identified to be Callum. Then, as Callum was leaving, the paps asked him if he and Dua were a thing and he didn’t answer. So the story out there now is that they are dating. A source tells Page Six that, “It’s new, but but they’re mad about each other”. Callum and Dua are both British. This source also sounds like they’re British. 


As mentioned yesterday in my post about the Masters of the Air premiere, we’ve been sleeping on Callum Turner. I feel like he was supposed to break out a few years ago with the release of The Only Living Boy in New York, only that film ended up underwhelming. Still, there was always the sense that he was emerging… and 2024 could be his year with the release of the series, and also now that he’s linked to a big popstar. 


It was confirmed last month that Dua and director Romain Gavras had broken up after dating less than a year. Callum’s last relationship, that we know of, was with Vanessa Kirby. They were together for four years or so. Here they are at a party in 2017, a stupidly attractive couple. 

Vanessa Kirby and boyfriend Callum Turner
Vanessa Kirby and boyfriend Callum Turner attend a Halloween Party at Broadway House, Fulham Broadway, on October 27, 2017 in London, England

Callum and Dua also make a stupidly attractive couple. I’m here for it. But they are not my new favourite couple. Callum and Dua are a nothingburger of intrigue compared to my new favourite couple. My new favourite couple is… 


Paul Giamatti and Clara Wong. 

Like never in a million years would I have predicted that I’d be obsessed with Paul Giamatti’s love life. But here we are. Because he showed up at the Golden Globes with Clara Wong and shouted her out on stage during his acceptance speech and also attended the National Board of Review gala with her last night. Sarah mentioned Paul in her post about the NBR event earlier but that was to do with him winning at acting. I’m talking now about him winning at loving. Excuse me, but Paul is loving a f-cking SMOKESHOW. Look at her! 

Paul Giamatti and Clara Wong
Paul Giamatti and Clara Wong are seen arriving to the National Board Of Review 2024 Awards Gala at Cipriani 42nd Street on January 11, 2024 in New York City

Clara played Paul’s dominatrix in Billions. 


It is not clear how long Paul and Clara have been together. But he first showed up on her Instagram in 2021: 

And she’s wished him happy birthday every year since. 

Paul married Elizabeth Cohen in 1997 and they have a son. It is not known when Paul and Elizabeth broke up. Because until now, we haven’t had reason to be curious about his personal life. Now I’m f-cking obsessed with his personal life. And frustrated that no one is asking the questions that need to be asked!


Vanity Fair just posted an interview with Paul, AFTER the Golden Globes when he and Clara went public, and yes, of course, the work is important so for sure the conversation should mostly be about the work but also, it’s Vanity Fair, and it’s not like Vanity Fair is never up in people’s business. And yet, there was no talk about his love life, his romance, the good sh-t we need to know!

And you know what? If it was Callum Turner it would have been more likely that they would have asked. So why aren’t we asking Paul these questions?! 

It is because he doesn’t look like Callum Turner? Well, yes, that’s the honest answer. Paul is not a heartthrob and I’m not trying to be mean here but he himself said, on stage at the Globes, that he didn’t know why Clara was bothering with him so let’s not pretend that there was a whole ass thirst society out there panting over Paul Giamatti. Was. Past tense. 

Present tense? 

In the present, Paul Giamatti is cruising through this award season with a bombshell on his arm and I’m thinking we might have also been sleeping on Paul Giamatti’s secret love skills. He must be bringing something saucy to the table! 

This is the gossip I need. I need to know what we missed about Paul Giamatti. And the good news is, he’s now an Oscar best actor frontrunner. Which means lots of opportunity in front of the media. So please, somebody, ask the question! This is the gossip I need! 

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