You guys, I love all of the updates. I want to know about them five minutes or five years after you name the baby, regardless of where you come down on things I recommended or shouted about or whatever.

But to date, this may be the most… is it exciting? Maybe. But it is definitely the most satisfying. This is like, name alchemy.  An idea plus a modification of a name plus a lil’ twist? I love this.

I hope this gives you as much joy as it gives me. Have a great weekend!


Hi Duana,

I just wanted to send you a follow-up on naming our son.

Thank you so much for posting my inquiry about a name for our second child. Everyone was convinced we were having a girl, so I really thought we'd be welcoming a Dagny Romana Jean but out popped a little boy. Thankfully, you posted your response 4 days before we gave birth, so we were prepared.

On May 28th, we welcomed Yeats Montgomery Wilson to our family. My husband was on board because there's a character with that name in Dr. Who. I liked the name, but wasn't sure how it would work as a first name - then when you told me to be bold - it just felt like the right thing to do AND OF COURSE Montgomery was the absolute right choice for his middle name.

Thanks for your thoughtful response - it was a much needed voice of clarity in an otherwise muddled decision making process.

So far, my aunt and step-father are trying to get Monty to stick as his nickname, but everyone has been embracing Yeats, so it will be interesting to see what happens.

Thanks again!