I get why some people don’t love the expression “making someone their bitch” but considering that that’s exactly the expression that the people who are big mad about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce would respond to, I’m going to use it here to say that…

The dude bros are big mad that Taylor Swift is making the NFL her bitch. 


I wrote about this yesterday – how the church of American football is basically promoting Taylor for free, and pretty much doing the most to get her attention so that they can get the attention of the people who pay attention to her; which is, by the way, a LOT of women who don’t f-ck with football. And that’s a coveted demographic when you consider that football is a business, the NFL is a business, and they depend on sponsors and advertisers and Taylor’s a one-woman empire who, by herself, can sell out the stadiums that dozens of grown men might not sell out even while they’re bashing their heads against each other between whistles. 

Taylor was at Met Life Stadium on Sunday night watching Travis Kelce and Kansas City play the New York Jets. Last night was Monday Night Football featuring the New York Giants against the Seattle Seahawks. And when an ad for Taylor’s The Eras Tour movie came on the big screen, here’s how some dude bros reacted. 


As noted in that tweet, the Giants lost. Taylor, meanwhile, is two for two. And her movie is projected to bring in $150 million. 

But this is getting at something I posted about last week when we were counting down to Taylor’s Sunday Night Rom-Com after people were trolling the football fans in their lives with the “Taylor put Travis on the map meme”. Let me be annoying and quote myself here because: 

“… [this is] the world Taylor has crossed over into now. Sports media, and ESPECIALLY American football media, is full of dude bros and misogyny. This is the kind of stupid sh-t we’ll be hearing more and more of if Taylor and Travis keep this going.” 

And on that note…


Sexism isn’t a new experience for Taylor, and it’s certainly not new for women who are involved with Kansas City football players. Brittany Mahomes, who Taylor’s been hanging out with recently, gets it all the time. They are annoyed by the way she cheers, they are annoyed by how she supports her husband, they are annoyed by her workout videos, they are annoyed because she doesn’t adhere to how a WAG is supposed to behave: just look good and don’t speak but stand by your man and take care of the babies. And don’t you dare, ever, ever, ever, try to share the spotlight. 

In Taylor’s case though, she’s not trying to share the spotlight, she is the f-cking spotlight and the NFL is the one who’s trying to crash it. That’s why they have to resort to boos and talking about her pussy – it’s how men like this tell on themselves when they are intimidated by the power of a woman they not only know they can’t conquer but who has come into their territory and claimed the land. 

As for what’s happening between Taylor and Travis, PEOPLE published a new story about how they’re “just getting to know each other” and that it’s “nothing too serious” because he’s focused on football. 


Tell that to the Swifty Easter egg hunters who’ve been trying to track their situationship and establish the timeline. One of the clues they’re pointing to is this TikTok that she shared on July 28 and she’s wearing a t-shirt that seems to be KC colours. 


my dads on his segway shit again

♬ Ridin' - Chamillionaire

So if we’re going back to the end of July and she’s showing up now to his games and bringing her whole squad and hanging out with his mother, sure, they could still be “just getting to know each other” and maybe it is “nothing too serious” but there’s also probably much more background here than appears on the surface. 

Taylor hasn’t given up any new photos of herself since Sunday night so here’s Blake Lively out running errands today in New York. And also Sophie Turner yesterday out shopping for sunglasses. Blake and Sophie have been steady companions the last couple of weeks in New York as Taylor serves us an updated version of her 1989 squad energy. 

Back then I used to call her a Friend Collector. Will the friend collecting continue? And if so, I wonder who she’ll be friend collecting this time around. Could it be the newly single Jodie Turner-Smith. They have friends in common: Cara Delevingne and Zoë Kravitz. It’s not entirely impossible. 

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