Sarah’s going to be your go-to for Dungeons & Dragons: Honour Among Thieves at the end of March when the movie comes out. She last posted about it after the Super Bowl, looking ahead to press tour which will hopefully feature Chris Pine and Hugh Grant giving us BFF energy. 


I know nothing about D&D. I have never played it. I have never watched it being played. I have never been in the same room while it was being played. I don’t think I know anyone who plays it. I don’t know anything about the dungeons and the dragons and the trailer is telling me nothing! The world faces an evil threat, sure. That’s basically every fantasy story, isn’t it? Chris Pine has to put a team together to fight the evil. Also standard operating procedure. Beyond that, I don’t get. 

What I do know now, however, after watching a new clip that was just released, is that this is a world where people WANT to bring back the dead and talk to them. To which I say, no thank you. Even if Chris is doing the best he can with his sexy quips. 



See now this is why I would die first in any kind of apocalypse. You don’t want to put the fate of humanity in my hands because even if it meant saving the world, I still wouldn’t revive a corpse to ask five questions. I’m the idiot in the movie running away in terror and subsequently getting eaten by monsters. I have no courage. 

I do, however, appreciate what Chris Pine is doing here. Like the irreverence he’s playing with in his performance. Presumably he’s the hero, and we know he can do the hero thing, but there’s also a roguishness about him here, and it’s especially effective when he’s interacting with his co-stars. It’s something I’ve noticed more and more about him as his career progresses. He’s a great scene partner. He is really good at banter. He’s able to create effortless chemistry with the actors playing opposite him. Also there are some shots in the scene and the trailer where at first glance it could be Brad Pitt so why do we need Brad Pitt when we have Chris Pine. 

Here's Chris yesterday in LA heading to lunch in his green vintage Porsche. He has great taste in cars. That colour is gorgeous. Also please enjoy some other shots of Chris in a yellow cardigan.