Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves is six weeks away. It will mark Chris Pine’s first press tour since all the worrying, darlings. He’s already done appearances for D&D, chiefly Comic Con and CCXP in Brazil. In both cases, he seemed happy to be where he was, enjoying himself and his co-stars. 


The combination of Pine and Hugh Grant is also full of possibilities, two old-hat pros who know what they’re doing and do it well, should be a fun press tour for everyone, most of all us, who get to enjoy the eye candy. But mostly, it should be WAY less worrying, darlings. The D&D crew seem to get along, no one is fueling personal drama fires on the internet, I expect it to be a lot of thirst—very attractive cast, overall—with more and more people cottoning onto how FUN Hugh Grant is these days. 

There was a Super Bowl spot for D&D but it sort of got buried by the superheroes, which is why this movie is coming out in March, and not May or June.



Here’s Pine out and about in Los Angeles in the final weeks before D&D hits. Early last year, Pine was rocking a wolfman/silver fox look that I was super into (for his upcoming directorial debut, Poolman), but by the end of the year, he had cleaned it up a little, which Lainey preferred. Now, he’s rocking a mostly white goatee that I feel splits the difference perfectly. The silver fox is back, but it’s not full blown Lycan face. Chris Pine is truly the Best Chris, always bringing people together with his super handsome facial hair.