British Vogue released Edward Enninful’s final issue cover feature today and… what a f-cking flex. Imagine the logistics of gathering all these women together and for those of you who’ve been asking whether or not this a composite – no, and they gave us the proof, posting a video to the feed from the shoot. Some people, of course, were paired up. But there is a group shot. And it looks like 40 to me but I did not count one by one, I’m sure some of you out there will do it for me to confirm, LOL. 


This is a testament to how people feel about Edward, he is beloved. I mean, sure, from an ego perspective, some cynical bitches might say that no one would want to miss this if invited, especially when they found out who else was on the list but also, more importantly, he’s worth the effort. He’s achieved so much and it’s not just these women here but the doors he’s opened in the fashion industry – one day we’ll hear from those who will cite Edward Enninful as one of their biggest influences. (Vogue UK) 


I know nothing really about The Walking Dead. But I do know that Danai Gurira is one of the best, if not the best, parts of that series and she’s back in TWD mode and this dress on her is glorious. (Go Fug Yourself) 

The spotlight is back in Tracy Chapman, in a much bigger way, since the Grammys. And it’s great to know that she’s been fine – fine before the Grammys and will be find after the Grammys. (Cele|bitchy) 


Thank you to Petr Navovy for showing Stephen Chow some love, one of the kings of Hong Kong comedy. And anyone who has seen Kung Fu Hustle will understand this. OMG how is Kung Fu Hustle almost 20 years old? Anyway, this started as a Stephen Chow appreciation post and then turned into a crazy thing that happened on a volleyball court that could have been in a Stephan Chow movie, holy sh-t. (Pajiba) 

Robert Downey Jr is campaigning for his first Oscar and has saved some of his best Sliding Doors stories for this run. (The Mary Sue)