Eiza Gonzalez was photographed in LA the other day with a person the paps are calling a “mystery man”. Whatever his identity, for sure he’s not Timothée Chalamet. And, yes, he could have been a friend, although there’s one shot of them taken from behind with Mystery Man and his hand on her upper back that could be interpreted as more-than-friendly. 


But the larger point is… not Timothée Chalamet. It’s been almost six months since Eiza and Timmy were seen together making out in Mexico. A couple of weeks ago, however, E! News reported that it was over. It was summer loving. I mean, yeah. Probably we’ve all been there. And this was an unprecedented year. Because before summer, everyone was on lockdown (and could be again soon given the COVID-19 cases that are rising in many places around the world and especially in North America) and when lockdown was lifted… it was horny times. It’s still horny times. 

Anyway, the point is, whatever was happened between Eiza and Timmy has evidently run its course. So can we talk about her outfit?

This is a good outfit. A pink dress and under a black and white striped robe jacket and blush sneakers, the perfect footwear choice. Had it been any other pair of shoes it wouldn’t be as special.