Emerald Fennell won her first Oscar last night, taking Best Original Screenplay for Promising Young Woman, one of the most deserved wins of the night. Seriously, that script is BONKERS good. It’s three movies at once and re-watching peels it back so you can see each movie playing out once you know the twist. I love this movie so much, I was ecstatic for Fennell to be recognized. She also gave one of the top speeches of the night, shouting out her pretend husband Zack Morris. More Oscar winners should shout out their childhood pretend spouses, especially since at an event like the Oscars, there’s a chance that person might actually be in the room and you could get the killer cutaway when they’re name-checked. Fennell’s win came early in the night and helped set the loosey-goosey tone for the whole show.


She also showed up in this pink and green boho Gucci gown, which both suits her own style, which is COLOR/PRINT/FLORAL—with a notable exception at the BAFTAs—and fits into the cotton candy aesthetic of Promising Young Woman. Boho ruffles aren’t my thing, but this looks great on Fennell, who, I am convinced, would look good in a burlap sack. I just wish the Oscar producers had thought to mic her up during the show, because YOU KNOW she was talking sh-t at her table all night. Certain people just need to be mic’ed up, like Glenn Close and Frances McDormand and Riz Ahmed and Daniel Kaluuya—you know they would ALL be entertaining as hell to listen to during the proceedings. Award shows should be like hockey games, mic the players! Let us hear the play-by-play from the people with actual STAKES in the GAME. Also, Fennell described her Oscar night look as “Susan, your pottery teacher who has a business opportunity for you, which is absolutely not a pyramid scheme”. I just want to listen to Emerald Fennell describe everyone’s outfits, it’s the final bit of chaos these Oscars needed.