A year ago today we were all still anticipating the return and the eventual end of Game of Thrones. Do you kind of wish we could go back to that time? To a time when you didn’t know and therefore weren’t disappointed? People were DISAPPOINTED. There were petitions! There was a lot of shouting. Is there still shouting? I feel like the anger passed, as these things do. Or maybe there are fanboys still punching the wall every day, pissed about Arya’s ultimate badassery. And Jon’s fate. And Daenerys’s fall. I, personally, am worried about Drogon. Poor Drogon is all alone in the world. 

Mostly though, we’ve moved on. The actors have moved on. Emilia Clarke is moving on to the West End, where she’ll make her debut in The Seagull later this month. She’s doing press now in London to promote the production and was on BBC Radio 2 today in London talking to Zoe Ball about saying goodbye to the job that made her career and what those years of her life meant to her. She also told a story about how she came to keep an item from the set even though she’s a “good girl” who never took anything without permission. Her brother was the one who ended up lifting a gift for her from the show and he gave it to her at Christmas: a Targaryen flag; when she opened it she “burst into tears”. That’s a GREAT surprise, non? Especially with what house sigils etc meant on that show. 

As for what Daenerys means to her, she said, “Daenerys is very much a part of me”. And then she followed that up with what might end up being my favourite quote of the week:

“The actor is the character’s best lawyer.” 

She got that from a producer but I feel her here, particularly because of what happened to Dany – she’s going to be the one advocating for her. At least until they reboot the series. 

PS. She looks GREAT in this sweater skirt outfit with the wide belt and the boots.