The Amalfi Coast attracts celebrities every summer. Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Leonardo DiCaprio, Will and Jada Smith, so many of them have been photographed through the years living that yacht life in July and August. It seems quieter this year, especially for American stars but Positano is still seeing some action. Emma Watson was seen in Positano last week and this week it’s Emilia Clarke, on holiday with some friends in a perfectly simple summer outfit. 


And now you might be thinking…um, Lainey, it’s a white tank and some jean shorts. But when will a white tank and some jean shorts every not be THE perfect summer outfit?! It’s ageless!

Also, I don’t know if it’s that easy. Finding – or cutting – a pair of jean shorts isn’t easy. We’re all looking for exactly the right wash, the right distressing, and jean shorts sit differently on different people. You might want yours to hang lower on your waist. I might want mine to land higher on the waist. Some people want their shorts short enough to show ass cleavage and a little labia. Others might want more ass and labial coverage. For me, personally, I don’t want the ass cleave and the labia to be seen when I’m standing but I want them short enough so that the risk is there when I sit down. 


Emilia’s wearing her jean shorts with a belt, and I’m usually against belts. But this tan belt works so well with this look and it’s such a good thickness and it goes with her crossbody too, although none of that reads too matchy-matchy. Like if her mask were some shade of brown I would have thrown the whole thing out. As it is, this is classic summer. Any decade.

In other Emilia news, she was supposed to be in The Seagull in her West End debut and then the pandemic happened so it’s been rescheduled. Beyond that, I haven’t seen any other announcements about new projects. She’d said she wanted to scale back on big budget, big commitment projects after Game of Thrones which makes sense since that took up almost a decade of her career and has certainly given her the freedom to explore other opportunities and, more importantly, the TIME to explore. Sometimes good work is waiting for the next good work.