Katie Holmes’s birthday was last Friday, December 18. I always remember because it’s also Brad Pitt’s birthday and at one point I tried to Gossip Genie the two of them together. But then Emilio Vitolo Jr came along. 


What did Emilio give Katie for her birthday, her first birthday with him? 


It’s the gift that Jamie Foxx could never give her. On so many levels! This, of course, means that Katie and Emilio are Instagram Official, a significant relationship milestone in these social media times. Jamie, meanwhile, couldn’t even leave a restaurant at the same time as Katie. As if that wasn’t enough, Emilio threw down those three words: I LOVE YOU. 


If you say it on Instagram, does that mean you’ve already said in private or… was that the first time for her? If you say it on Instagram and you delete it later, does that mean it never happened? 

PEOPLE had a couple of stories this weekend about Katie and Emilio following his post. 

“They are having fun,” a source tells PEOPLE of the couple, who acknowledged their relationship publicly for the first time on Friday, as the chef, 33, wished the actress a happy 42nd birthday.

“Emilio has had a lot of stress this year because of the shutdowns that have affected the restaurant business. Katie is very supportive. Their relationship is cheering him up,” the source adds.

Despite the difficulties of the past year, having more time for one another has been a positive for the pair.

“Since Katie is not working, they have had time to really get to know each other,” the source says.

“Emilio thinks their relationship will continue to be strong in the new year. When things return to a more normal and Katie is working again, they will figure it out. For now, they enjoy all their time together in New York City."

Is it weird to you the way whoever this source is says “New York City” in full? Like it’s a speech or something? Like as if to sound extra important? Athletes do this all the time, it cracks me up. Instead of just saying the sport they’re playing, like football or hockey or basketball, they add a “the game of” in front of it. Example:

“It’s so nice to be back on the field/ice/court doing what we all like to do, which is playing the game of football/hockey/basketball”. 


Why can’t you just say “it’s nice to be back playing football”??? How many people out there are going to confuse the “game of football” with the “town of Football”? 

As for who this source is… well…given that Emilio seems to be the protagonist in all their quotes, talking about how he’s been stressed and Katie’s been the one supporting him and he “thinks their relationship will continue to be strong in the new year”, I do appreciate that someone is giving us all the insight on his feelings, you know? 

It does bring up an interesting question though, both where the newly-engaged Ariana Grande and the not-engaged (yet) Katie Holmes are concerned, and other couples who fell in love right at the start of the pandemic. So much focus has been on how a relationship can survive when you’re locked down together, every minute of the day, right up in each other’s faces, with no space and no breaks…but what about the opposite of that? Not that New York City and most cities in North America and Europe and many parts of Asia now too are anywhere near reopening but when the vaccine is more widely distributed, and when we can move around freely, go back to the office, and for celebrities that means travelling again, being away from home a lot more, how do relationships manage the transition between seeing each other all the time, and the intensity that comes along with that, to seeing each other much more sporadically? 

Energies in a relationship are dynamic. Shifting from one kind of energy to another can mark a dramatic change in chemistry. How will all these famous couple adjust and readjust?  

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