We’ve mentioned this before, right? We’ve all noticed? The Katie Holmes glow-up? More specifically, the Katie Holmes post-Jamie Foxx breakup glow-up? Her outfits have been fire. Several times a week, it seems, she’s been stepping out for pap walks in New York in one solid look after another. Check out the latest from yesterday when she was on her way to speak at the Global Citizen event – this excellent blue suit with the jacket tied at the waist. She looks really, really good. Message received: nobody here is sad to be single. 

Speaking of being single though, and when she might not be single again – here’s the Gossip Genie idea I’ve been toying with in my head and since it’s my birthweekend, and for weeks I’ve been talking about birthday twins and who you share your birthday with… 

Katie Holmes was born December 18. Brad Pitt was also born December 18. US Weekly claims he’s dating Sat Hari Khalsa. E! News says that’s not true, that Brad and Sat Hari are just friends. Great. So would he be free to hook up with Katie Holmes? Imagine THAT for a gossip story? Brad recently, when he was on Ellen, referred to Tom Cruise as “my friend”. I mean, that’s an Interview With The Vampire throwback. OK but how close can they really be. I know we don’t ever really know about celebrities and their interior lives but Tom’s interior is mysterious, even to other celebrities. Also, as if Scientology would let him spend that much time outside their own friend circle. 

So, to go back to Katie… and Brad… Gossip Genie or nah?