Brad Pitt’s Ad Astra opened with just over $19 million at the box office this past weekend. Not terrible but not exactly lighting sh-t up. At the premiere last week, you’ll recall, he was seen leaving the after-party with Sat Hari Khalsa; he and Sat were first rumoured to be dating last year. Now Us Weekly has them on their new cover with the headline: 

“Yes, I’m in love again!”


“After his secret romance with Charlize Theron ends, Brad Pitt falls in love with the girl next door.”

Well, that’s your first sign of stink. We know now that the Charlize thing never happened. That rumour originated at the Sun, based on a sighting of them at Chateau Marmont two weeks after they were allegedly there, and it went nowhere. And also, this is Us Weekly, a dilapidated version of its former self. According to the magazine: 

Brad Pitt has a new lady in his life! The actor, 55, is dating jewelry designer and holistic healer Sat Hari Khalsa, a source exclusively reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly.
According to the source, Khalsa, 50, “is earthy,” and much more low-maintenance than the women he’s been with in the past. “She’s very strong,” adds the insider, “and has a beautiful mind. That’s what he’s attracted to.”

Their relationship, however, isn’t too heavy or serious just yet. “Brad’s not in that mind-set,” notes the source, but still, “Sat is very special to him and someone he enjoys spending time with.”

So… they’re not “too heavy or serious just yet”. But on the f-cking cover, it says he’s “in love again” – with an exclamation point. Which one is it? 

Bonus points though for that shot at Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston being not as “low-maintenance” as Sat Hari. 

As for what’s really going on between Brad and Sat – I mean, it could just be a friend thing, both when they attended that event in Silver Lake together last year and when she joined him at his premiere last week. That, after all, is what Us Weekly is basing its entire story on and, from the looks of it, not much more. Still, I wonder, because he’ll definitely be a factor during award season, even though he’s “not campaigning”, whether or not he’ll have a date.