There were some significant snubs today when the SAG nominations were announced. We’ll discuss them here and there in other posts later and what that means for Oscar. It’s a competitive year. That’s the simple, incomplete explanation. It’s also, as always, a popularity contest. And what was confirmed today is that Emily Blunt is pretty popular. 

She was nominated in the SAG Lead Actress category for her performance in Mary Poppins – expected. She was also nominated in the Supporting Actress category for her performance in A Quiet Place – not quite as expected (same goes for Margot Robbie in the category, as most experts were putting Claire Foy and Regina King into those two spots). Like would you seriously consider Emily’s role in A Quiet Place a supporting one? Still, Emily and John Krasinski have been steadily campaigning for A Quiet Place. And Emily and John have a lot of friends, influential friends, within the guild and the Academy. I just wrote about this a couple of weeks ago when Matt Damon and his wife Luciana showed up at the Mary Poppins premiere. This is where Matt’s vote is going and it’s not like he has a small circle.

Here’s Emily tonight at the London premiere of Mary Poppins Returns with the cast, including Meryl Streep. Emily’s getting Meryl’s vote too, isn’t she? Right now, Lady Gaga, Olivia Colman, and Glenn Close are presumed to the, interchangeably, in the top 3 spots for Best Actress Oscar. Could Emily come from behind and take them all out? 

PS. I don’t love the blue dress on the blue carpet.