Us Weekly broke the news just about two weeks ago that Emma Roberts had ended her engagement to Evan Peters and was seen holding hands with Garrett Hedlund. At the time, it was said that she and Garrett were together for “just a couple of weeks”. So it’s now a month. And, as I wondered then, “how long before we see pap shots”? 

Not too long. They were photographed together in New York on Sunday and there’s no doubt about their status: they’re smiling, they’re holding hands, they’re pretty cute. 


So…is it still “casual” now, the way it was described initially when it was reported that they’re together? In real life, if you’re doing a cross-country trip with someone after dating for a month, it’s generally considered a quick progression, that you’re moving fast. For celebrities though, I mean, on top of the fact that their lives are constantly LA-NYC, as we’ve seen time and again, they operate on accelerated romance because of their unique schedules. They don’t have a 9 to 5. They have all kinds of money. They can afford to fall in love fast. Is that what’s happening here? If it is, how long before they make their debut? 

There’s an event coming up that’s only 5 weeks way, an event that both of them have attended in the past: the Met Gala. 

Will Emma and Garrett walk the Met Gala steps the first Monday in May? 

Here is Emma Roberts out in New York the other day.