Emma Stone and Dave McCary were papped at the grocery store this weekend in LA. Dave is always referred to as Saturday Night Live writer and director whenever he and Emma are seen together but there was a new SNL this week (hosted by Sandra Oh) and he wasn’t in New York. In fact, he hasn’t had an SNL credit since 2018 so I’m wondering when we’re getting an update on his career. Clearly he’s been spending more time in LA than in New York, likely working on his own independent project. A couple of weeks ago, Variety reported that Emma listed her Beverly Hills home for almost $4 million, speculating about whether or not she might be moving back to New York or if she’s upgrading her residence. Emma bought the house in 2012 just as she was beginning her climb. She recently wrapped on the Zombieland sequel, Zombieland: Double Tap, which is due out in October, in time for the 10th anniversary of the original. 

Think back to 2009. That was two years after Superbad. It was shortly after The House Bunny, and a year before Easy A. Emma Stone was not yet EMMA STONE but it was starting to happen. In 2010 she covered the Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue, but on the last flap, alongside Kristen Stewart, Abbie Cornish, and Carey Mulligan (front page), and Amanda Seyfried, Rebecca Hall, and Mia Wasikowska (second page). We started to see the building blocks come together the following year, in 2011, with the release of Crazy, Stupid, Love and The Help.

You know what else came out in 2011 though? 

Friends with Benefits. Emma Stone was in Friends with Benefits! Remember? She played the “unreasonable bitch” who broke up with Justin Timberlake…. 

At one point she says to him, “I think we’re heading in different directions”…
Uh, yeah. 

It’s my favourite when this happens. I like to imagine JT on that set all like, I’m the star, #1 on the call-sheet. Meanwhile Emma’s probably down at like #6 or #7. And, then, a week later, literally a week after Friends with Benefits comes out, and goes nowhere, Emma’s in another rom-com with another Mickey Mouse Club alumnus, recreating the scene from Dirty Dancing, which becomes an Internet Moment. And then, she blasts off. 

This moment in Gossip Satisfaction has been brought to you by Justin Timberlake’s bad acting.