Emma Stone is currently in New York shooting Maniac, a series for Netflix costarring Jonah Hill. They started this week and are expected to wrap in November. Before beginning work on Maniac though… was Emma in London? And was she in London to spend time with Andrew Garfield?

According to Dan Wootton at the UK Sun, Emma’s made “multiple trips” to see Andrew in Angels In America. She’s apparently been to the show “several times and always goes backstage afterwards”. Also “they have even been sneaking out of the back door holding hands”. A source tells the Sun, however, that while it’s not an official reconciliation yet, because they’re both so busy, it’s definitely a possibility as they are “seeing what happens”.

Andrew’s final performance in Angels In America is this coming Saturday. After that, he’ll likely begin promoting Breathe, Andy Serkis’s directorial debut, with Claire Foy. Breathe will have its world premiere at TIFF in a few weeks and will then open the London Film Festival in October before its theatrical release on October 13. Some say that it could have some awards potential. Well that’s convenient because Emma’s Battle Of The Sexes, in which she plays Billie Jean King, will also be screening at TIFF. And it too is said to have some awards potential. Emma and Andrew were both on the awards circuit together last year for La La Land and Hacksaw Ridge respectively and, clearly, they weren’t ready – if at all – to get back together then. Maybe they needed more time? Maybe they’re just really, really good friends?

For those of you who are still shipping these two, it’s worth noting that Dan Wootton is the reporter who broke the story that Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn are dating so he has a solid track record.

Here is Emma on the set of Maniac in New York this week and Andrew at Wimbledon last month.