Emma Stone is Oscar's reigning Best Actress, winning last year for La La Land. She'll be back tomorrow then at the Oscars, presumably to present Best Actor. Probably to Gary Oldman? He's the favourite to win right now and there have been no rumours of a potential upset. 

Here's Emma last night at the 11th Annual Celebration Of The 2018 Female Oscar nominees party in black sheer Givenchy but it's not the outfit I'm focusing on. It's the hair. Remember a few weeks ago, she showed up on her friend's social media with her hair permed? This looks like the perm, right? You into it? I don't love it. I mean, it's not horrid. But it's probably a lot of maintenance. I'm not sure what the wash and go version of this hairstyle looks like but I feel like it might be pretty janky. So curious to see what it will look like tomorrow night.  

Tomorrow night, one of Emma's closest friends, Jennifer Lawrence, will also be presenting at the Oscars. Do you think they asked to be seated together? Will they arrive together? Will they show up to the Vanity Fair party together? Or will it turn into another, nah, I don't feel like it, let's go hang at home night for the two of them?