I posted yesterday about Emma Stone and Justin Theroux sharing a villa in Saint-Paul de Vence and how they went there after hanging out with other celebrities and Derek Blasberg at the Hotel du Cap in Antibles after the Louis Vuitton cruise collection presentation. At the end of that article, now that the paparazzi photos of them have been seen around the world, I wrote that…

By now they must know, through publicists etc, that these photos are out there. If Derek Blasberg hasn’t gone back to America, he’s the perfect person to post something on Instagram to put out an unofficial press release via IG to be all like, oh hey, here we are doing our south of France thing, all of us together, and no one is hooking up. If he doesn’t though…this is definitely going down, right? 

The unofficial press release via IG did not come from Derek. He left the Riviera for Paris and Katy Perry. BUT. 

Sugar Lyn Beard is one of Emma’s best friends. And here’s what Sugar Lyn posted last night: 


A post shared by Sugar Lyn (@suglyn) on

Coincidence or conspiracy? 

There’s your unofficial press release via IG. 

So. Emma is still in France, not on a romantic holiday with Justin Theroux, but on a best friend holiday with Sugar Lyn. This is the unintentional (but conveniently intentional) message. Right…but who’s taking the picture? 

Probably Justin. I mean we already know he’s there. 

What’s your feeling on this then? Just friends? Or are they really hooking up and … Sugar Lyn is tagging along? At this point, given this new development, I don’t know if we have enough gossip evidence to call it a thing, to be able to say that Emma and Justin are a thing. Because if they really are a thing, it would mean that none of these people are grownups. 

Having your best friend around while you’re checking a guy you might be interested in is what you do when you’re 15. It’s not what you do when you’re a proper woman. It’s also a dick thing to do to a friend, your best friend. Like, oh hey, let’s spend some time in France this summer together and eat all the food and drink rosé and shop and talk and stay up late laughing…while I part-time flirt with this dude I’m into. I mean, as much as I like the gossip, I can’t see Emma Stone being that friend. Can you? 

And, seriously, do we really want to believe that Emma Stone would be attracted to THIS GUY? More on Justin in the next article coming up. 

(Thanks Katie!)