That’s a wrap for today! Thanks so much for checking with the site and refreshing all day and sending us your thoughts on our posts. Duana and I have been doing Emmys coverage like this for, OMG, a decade now. And we are so honoured that you’re supporting it! Here are a few more Emmys bits and pieces. 

So I’m sure you heard what happened when Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner presented at the Emmys last. I… actually felt bad for them. Which is not an emotion I’m familiar with. And I don’t think that’s necessarily good news for them. Because they thrive in criticism, not pity. Also, I have so many questions about how this even happened. Did they review the script ahead of time? Were they not aware of how not self-aware the script would sound if they didn’t read it without some…self-awareness? They say that with the Kardashians, they’re always spinning something. Is this something they’re spinning that will eventually break in their favour? (Dlisted) 

Jason Bateman had a great reaction to hearing his name called during the Emmys last night. Not so great: his speech. But whatever. Watching his reaction in slow motion over and over again is… well…it’s soothing. I should stop since I haven’t slept but I can’t help it. (Pajiba) 

I can’t get into this look on Rachel Brosnahan. Probably because there’s just no risk to it. It’s actively trying to not offend. And in doing so, I know I’ll barely remember it. Ask me at the Golden Globes what Rachel wore to the Emmys and I promise you, I won’t remember it – and it’s my job to store all of this sh-t in my head. (Cele|bitchy) 

Now here’s a designer I would love to see on Rachel Brosnahan. All this wild print and all these wild shapes and these bold colours. Much more exciting. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Reese Witherspoon and Ava Phillippe went out for breakfast and at first, I thought Reese was Ava and Ava was Reese. It’s not just that they look alike, even their mannerisms are similar, at least in paparazzi photos. Is it just me? (JustJared)