Lady Gaga was seen this weekend at a party in Rome – likely the wrap party for House of Gucci. Because yesterday she was photographed leaving her hotel, seemingly emotional according to the paps, and throwing flowers to her fans who’d been waiting outside. It’s exactly the kind of theatre her Little Monsters expect from her. It’s exactly the kind of theatre we expect from her. With Celine Dion you get a fashion show. With Gaga you get tears and a tulip shower. 


I wonder how much longer she keeps her hair like this or if she’ll revamp her look as soon as she gets home. If so and there end up being reshoots, will they use a wig? Or are they done done, like confident they won’t need anymore shots before they head into post? House of Gucci is expected to be released for American Thanksgiving, in time for award season. Already they’re talking like it could be an award contender. 

So what’s it like when a superstar like Lady Gaga spends nearly three months on location? Check out all the gear that’s moving out with her. They needed a whole truck to transport all her belongings. The paps are reporting that staff loaded 60 suitcases and what looked to be a keyboard, so some of that may have been recording equipment in addition to whatever it is that goes into creating Gaga’s temporary residence. 


On Friday I posted in the open about the Oral History of Madonna’s Truth or Dare. Remember “Melly Mel”, Madonna’s assistant at the time? Coordinating the details of Madonna’s travel would have been part of her job, just like Gaga’s assistant, or multiple assistants, would be responsible for these logistics. That’s the documentary I would watch – the show your work of being a popstar assistant.

PS. Do these pink gloves look like dish gloves?