In my post yesterday about the new Bennifer engagement, I wrote about the green diamond engagement ring, and how it’ll be a thing now, the way the pink diamond engagement ring was 20 years ago. This is ego not just for JLo but for Ben Affleck too. Pink and green diamonds are now culturally and exclusively associated with these two. And last night PEOPLE published a piece all about the rarity of the green diamond with diamond experts swooning over the size of JLo’s green diamond, talking about how it’s basically a unicorn event to see one that big and that rich in its in colour. Big flexing. 


But now that they’re engaged, they need somewhere to live. A few weeks ago it was reported that they’d bought a $50 million estate together in Bel Air. Now TMZ is saying that the deal fell through, that Bennifer backed away from the property for whatever reason and are looking again – they were photographed mansion-hunting on Sunday with their kids. 

They also appear to be looking at commercial real estate, seen a few days ago, before the engagement was confirmed, checking out some office space. Is this the headquarters of ON THE JLO?! Right now, ON THE JLO, her community newsletter, makes me LOL but at this point it would be naïve to believe that she’s not planning something bigger with this thing. And if not? If she’s literally just doing a newsletter for the sake of doing a newsletter? That would, indeed, be truly radical. 

But now look at him kissing her up against the wall, all wrapped up in their engagement bliss. When Bennifer came back to life about a year ago… did you think we would get here?