I wore a couple of Thom Browne outfits late last year on The Social (they were on styling loan, we had to return them). It was my first time with the label, and I love the fit. The quality of the material, the construction, the detailing – all of it was outstanding. And this entire new collection is outstanding. Everything is amazing here: the fabrics, the colours, the patterns, the cuts, the lengths, the shoes, the stripes, and all of it is my jam. School uniform! (Go Fug Yourself)


While Adam Driver couldn’t wait to stop being a Gucci, we have heard a lot about how Lady Gaga actually BECAME Patrizia Reggiani aka Lady Gucci. This swarming flies story, though, is new to me. Even the insects couldn’t get enough of Gaga as a Gucci. And I just wrote earlier today in the Kristen Stewart post about Gaga’s commitment to her character earning her a SAG nomination. Clearly the “thespians” are all about this method, probably even the flies. (Dlisted) 

Princess Sofia of Sweden has a new hairstyle for 2022 – thick, blunt-cut bangs. I don’t hate them on her but looking at the length of them, they’re making my eyes itchy. I’ve been thinking about bangs a lot lately because I go through periods of bang envy. Years ago my ma prohibited me from getting bangs for feng shui reasons. I should ask her if the ban has been lifted. If I had bangs though they’d be dead straight and I really like a bang with a slighhhhht wave. How hard is that to achieve every day? (Cele|bitchy)  


Wordle. Julia Fox and Wordle are the biggest new celebrities of 2022. The Daily Show just did a piece on Wordle. Today’s Wordle was super hard for me. I barely got it in six. (Pajiba) 

How do you feel about a brownie? A brownie is never my go-to, I find them too sweet and dense. That said, I now want to try the Joanna Gaines brownie that might not actually be her recipe because of the way Bobby Finger talks about it in this article. (Eater)