Last night, Lizzo performed fan favourite “Truth Hurts” at the BET awards, in an incredible wedding dress atop a wedding cake with her dancers. As usual, Lizzo was totally herself: powerful, electrifying, and fierce. As Lainey mentioned earlier, Rihanna loved it too. And  Lizzo documented the magic moment when she broke into a dancing flute solo:


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Others were appreciating Lizzo, but Lizzo was appreciating Lizzo too…

…while also appreciating her dancers and her crew:

“There’s nothing I’d rather see than black girls falling in love with themselves on T.V, Big girls- you are IT! YOU ARE ALWAYS the bride in a marriage of SELF-LOVE!”

Lizzo’s star keeps rising, and with more popularity, she remains fearless about sharing her personal struggles with fans. Late last week, she opened up on Instagram about her depression: 


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She followed this post with another bold one, speaking about the importance of seeking help:


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Like most of us, Lizzo is determined to live her best life, including battling challenges when it’s not easy. She is also reminding us that fame does not negate the self-care, self-love and self-awareness required to sustain balance and happiness. Seeing someone as beautiful and talented be so open during the rise of her career, in an industry that in the past has prioritized perfection, with old school gatekeepers that are afraid of showing any humanity, is definitely refreshing but it’s also a major departure from not too long ago and the “packaging” involved with promoting artists. More and more, young entertainers are talking about mental health and their emotional wellbeing. Imagine what a difference would this have made to artists who came up before, those who did not have the space to keep growing, and stumbling, while in the public eye. Lizzo’s honesty about it is hopefully helping not only herself but others who are on the way.