OK, I don’t know about “everyone”, because as Prem just told us, some people are thirsting over Logan Lerman’s hair, but to extend the dude hair talk, Justin Bieber’s is also a conversation now because it’s longer and it’s curling out at the ends, and Esquire just did a whole article about it:


They’re calling it the “heavenly cherubim haircut” which is a solid description but I object to a major omission in this piece. JB and Harry Styles are mentioned but BTS’s V is NOT! And this too is a cherubim cut!

V’s been rocking this for a while now. Actually, V, Jimin, and Jungkook all three are currently wearing their hair cherubim-ish:

I don’t know if Justin’s cherubim is natural but V and JK have their hair permed. Man perms are much more common in East Asia than in the west. And perm technology has come such a long way, even though here in the west especially there’s still the perception that perms are like Bradley Cooper in American Hustle, lol. What the new and improved man perm tries to achieve though is Bradley’s natural texture. And the results are really good. V and JK are perfect examples. 


Anyway, now that JB and Harry Styles might be popularising this look for men in the west, will more men be getting perms? It’s actually already a thing, thanks to TikTok as over the last several months, men have been documenting their perm processes on social media. TikTok’s most popular perm isn’t the cherubim necessarily (they seem to prefer the bowl cut with waves on top) but the cherubim might be the next wave.

In other Justin Bieber news, apparently a “new era” is coming on Friday. The single is called “Holy”. And he shared an image from what’s presumably the video shoot directed by Colin Tilley who also directed “WAP”. 

Attached - Justin Bieber out for a walk in LA this morning.