Is quarantine hair still a thing? I know most places have reopened to varying degrees, but there are probably still places where you can’t get a haircut. Or for safety or stylistic reasons, maybe people are still growing their manes out. The reason I ask is because if the title is still up for grabs, I would like to award Best Quarantine Hair to Logan Lerman. 


Logan’s girlfriend, Analuisa Corrigan, posted a photo to her instagram of Logan looking wistfully at a natural landscape. Turns out, everyone is looking wistfully thirstily at Logan’s hunky salt and pepper hairstyle, yours truly included.

Daddy Salt and Pepper is out here looking like a grown ass man, and my brain doesn’t know what to do with this information (although it has some ideas). All I know is that Mr. Lerman definitely has me feeling some type of way, and he’s now an unequivocal hottie with this hair. I will not be taking any suggestions or counter arguments at this time. 

One thing I really love is the length of this hair, since we’ve only really seen Logan with shorter cuts. It suits him and frames his face nicely.


Here’s what I’m curious about. Do you think grey hair is a trend that we should be preparing for? Does this mean that an older look is what the kids are into today?

I’m guessing that it’s dyed, considering that Logan is 28 and still a bit young for some gray hairs. (The gag of the century would be if Logan looks like this because he can’t find anyone to do his roots.) 

If that’s the case, may I present:

It’s possible that Logan is just sending us a message. Like when Disney Channel stars do underwear model campaigns to tell us all that they’re adults now and they want us to take them seriously. All I can say is, message received loud and clear. @Logan, my DMs are open ;)