Well now I really have to go watch some Nancy Meyers movies because reading about these f-ckwits at the Denny’s who refused to wear a mask, claiming civil rights and religious freedom is making me rage. The fact that they went in there with their phones recording the whole thing, like they’re thinking they’ve caught people in the act of doing something wrong is what’s extra disturbing. Maybe Matthew McConaughey can help and talk some sense into these people because this employee has no more energy for it and I don’t blame her. (Dlisted) 


Gillian Anderson and Peter Morgan, showrunner of The Crown, have split up. Right now it doesn’t sound like it was a dramatic breakup. I actually forgot that they were dating but now that they’re no longer dating, are the conspiracy theorists who think that she and David Duchovny are a secret thing going to crawl back out here? (Pajiba) 

Grandfather pants were big on men this year. Harry Styles was all over them. But also BTS. At this point there is no way that the Grammys will be like they’ve always been with the artists all congregating together which is too bad because if only we could get Harry and BTS together in their grandfather pants…or maybe not. I don’t the internet could handle it. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Prince Charles and Camilla will not be spending New Year’s Eve in Scotland this year because… well…nobody is supposed to be travelling and, well, we saw what the reaction was when Prince William and Kate decided to get on their train. (Cele|bitchy) 


This is a quiz for our site manager, Emily, who is now on holiday for the rest of the year. Emily’s the one who does the actual work of posting all the content, she’s basically our MVP. And she loves Kristen Stewart so I’m sure she’d want to know which KStew character is her soulmate. I suspect she’d get the same one I got, which is Sabine from Charlie’s Angels. (Buzzfeed) 

And one more bonus link just for me… obviously this is about BTS. Because on top of everything else they’ve done this year, SO MUCH ALMOST TOO MUCH, they’re also saving the western magazine industry and selling out every issue they cover, necessitating reprints. Remember, publication and circulation is going down. And they may be the only acts who can guarantee that physical copies fly off the shelves. Read this – it’s your weekend home. We will be talking more about it on Monday! (CNN)