Earlier this month, a rumor started making the rounds that Harrison Ford would replace William Hurt in the MCU as General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross, after Hurt passed away earlier this year. Now, Slashfilm is confirming the rumor, via Youtube show “The Hot Mic with Jeff Sneider and John Rocha”. No trades have bought into this rumor yet, but Sneider has a record with scoops, so a deal is probably in the works, if not closed already. And it does make a certain kind of sense, Thaddeus Ross is a grumpy character, Harrison Ford is a famous grump. Don’t mistake me—because some of you have—I LOVE Harrison Ford. He is in two of the three good Star Wars movies, and he is, of course, Indiana Jones in all three Indy movies that have ever been made. (There are only three Indiana Jones movies, ask anyone, they’ll tell you, just three Indy movies, that’s it, there are no more.) But Harrison Ford is grumpy, and he has been for the last thirty all years, and it’s a big part of why I love him. 


According to Sneider, Ford will make his debut as General Ross in Captain America: New World Order, before appearing in Thunderbolts, about the team of anti-heroes and villains that Ross forms for totally normal, above-board reasons. There is no word on whether Ford will play the “Red Hulk”, too, as in the comics, Ross’s quest for power eventually sees him turn into an evil Hulk character. I hope he does, though. I can’t wait for Harrison Ford to talk about the motion-capture required to bring a Hulk character to life. Imagine the contempt. Imagine the sheer scope of the open resentment Harrison Ford will display when discussing Red Hulk. No one is more annoyed at being a movie star in the year 2022 than Harrison Ford.