Sorry, sorry, sorry, I had to pun there – and I’m groaning along with you at myself, but I couldn’t help it. Because Fan Bingbing kept serving over the weekend in Cannes, she can’t stop, won’t stop. 


I highlighted Bingbing in the Outfit of the Week post last Friday and all of those previous looks would have already been enough. But right after we published that article, Bingbing was back with more. Here she is in a white one-shoulder gown by Filipino designer Harvey Cenit: 


Next, this gold and silver sculpted dress by Vietnamese designer Chung Thanh Phong – look at the exquisite beading all over her body, not to mention the stiff but also flexible ribbons framing her arms that match the hips. 


Bingbing wore another Chung Thanh Phong look that was just as spectacular, if not more. Seriously this dress is unbelievable: 


A metallic butterfly, right? Somehow it’s giving armour… but also giving delicate butterfly wings. Like your eyes tell you to believe that the dress is made of solid gold but your eyes are also telling you that she could easily fly away on light wings. Here’s how it looked in the sketch (second slide below), it’s amazing that Chung Thanh Phong and his team were able to render the real thing to an exact match, right down to how the dress moves. 

Bingbing has been intentional about which designers to showcase. Almost every piece she’s worn in Cannes is by an Asian designer, during Asian Heritage Month. And she’s getting maximum coverage for these looks as media from around the world have been paying attention to Bingbing’s relentless slay. And she’s not done. In the time that I started writing this, she just posted again. This suit with the sneakers! 


And she wore it to spend time with the one and only, the legend, Michelle Yeoh.