The Cannes Film Festival is the most ostentatious of all the annual film festivals, the opposite of Sundance, which happens in January in Utah and the vibe is turtlenecks, parkas, and boots and the message is “this is how we do indie”. That’s not to say that Cannes doesn’t feature independent films, it’s just that its presentation, the face it puts on for the world, is high glamour, never too much, extra on top of extra.


 As you can see, Viola Davis understood the assignment. 

Viola was there as a L’Oreal ambassador, as L’Oreal is one of the main sponsors of the festival, serving a look that is pure Cannes. The hair is big, the feathers are big, the smile is big…and you cannot miss her in white – it’s an outfit that’s meant for maximum exposure, maximum everything. She looks incredible – one of her best looks of all time. 


At Cannes, though, you don’t just bring it for the Palais and the red steps. There’s also the photo call moment during the day. And for Brie Larson that meant one of her best looks of all time too: a Chanel set that she wore the f-cking sh-t out of to kick off the festival as a member of the jury. 

It’s pretty and delicate and powerful and tough all at the same time – Carol Danvers would approve! 


As for what happened at the jury press conference, where Brie was singled out for a question about Johnny Depp, first of all as a member of the jury, it’s not like she gets to decide what films are selected. And his film isn’t even in competition so she’s also not required to see it. But as Sarah mentioned in our text exchange about the situation earlier this week, Brie has had her own experience with social media harassment and targeted social media hate – it started in the leadup to the release of Captain Marvel and has been persistent ever since, so she’s been dealing with it for years – and there’s probably a lot of crossover between the trolls who were trying to come for her and the toxic f-ckery of Johnny Depp online supporters, both real and bots. So she would have understood better than anyone else what could potentially have been coming to her if she’d been drawn into that mess. 

And finally, as I mentioned yesterday when I talked about her Cannes opening look in What Else?, you can always count on Fan Bingbing to bring it in Cannes. The green tiger dress was a showstopper, one of the most memorable looks of the year so far. But she’s not stopping at one.


 Check her out last night at the Vanity Fair Women in Cinema event and the category is DRAMA.


This is Miss Sohee by Sohee Park, a Korean designer based in London who’s had a big week because if the headpiece looks familiar, Halle Bailey just wore it to the London premiere of The Little Mermaid: 

Same headpiece but totally different dress – and this custom caped look on Bingbing is unbelievable. Flip through the IG carousels to see how it moves, how it’s so perfectly cut for her figure, and THAT FACE.