Mariah Carey’s Magical Christmas Special premieres today on Apple TV+. This is what I will be doing tonight and tomorrow and Sunday and as often as I can for the next three weeks. Mimi is our Christmas Angel. This is her season. 

As part of the promotion for the special, Mimi released a new video for her song “Oh Santa!”, which is obviously part of the special, featuring Jennifer Hudson and Ariana Grande. Obviously the sight of these three queens is exactly the holiday cheer we all need right now. And … more. Because this is Mimi. Just seeing her is a delight. But seeing her this festive, one of her favourite words especially this time of year, is both joy and comfort. Especially when she is SO HER.


It’s not just her tight and short outfit. It’s not just the perfection of her hair and skin glow. It’s also that she’s so in her element because her two backup singers (!!!) happen to be two multi-platinum award-winning artists who are center stage in their own right and who are here now, flanking her… in Christmas green. 

It was our friend Dean who, way back in 2012, first pointed out here at LaineyGossip, as part of his “3 Rules for a Very Mimi X-Mas”, that Mimi does not recognise green as one of her Christmas colours. Mimi’s Christmas as worn by Mimi is red, white, and gold, sometimes silver, but almost never green. Green then, as we can see, is for the supporting cast!


And you know what? They’re happy to do it. After all, Mimi owns Christmas, it’s a widely-accepted fact at this point. Even when it’s not Christmas, Mimi is major. But when Christmas comes around, Mimi’s status, already legendary, becomes, well, immortal. Christmas has made her immortal. She’s basically a god. And that’s why, of course, Jennifer and Ariana are happy to be there, to be blessed by the Christmas deity. We should all be so lucky.